Thugs attacks armored car, one security guard and one bandit killed in firefight


An armored car and its team was getting the money from a supermarket when a car with armored thugs ambushed it, one of the security guards tried to react starting a all out shootout, the bandits had superior firepower and tatics, resulting in one security officer being fatally wounded (the one falling by the amored truck) and other two being woulded. One of the security officers was hit in his face by sharpnels and pretended he was dead, when the thugs returned to their getaway car, the wounded agent opned fire from the ground against the driver, who was shot and killed, making the group panic whitout being able to see where the shots was coming from, and then running away on foot.


By: SladeForelly (1641.80)

Tags: brazil heist brazilian armored car security shootout death kill killed bandit thug criminal on off duty

Location: Brazil