The only total solar eclipse of 2020 engulfed most of South America

The only solar eclipse of 2020 engulfed most of South America on Monday (December 14).

The eclipse was visible from Chile, the northern Patagonia region of Argentina. Part of the solar eclipse appeared in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.

Heavy rain had threatened to prevent thousands of stargazers in Chile from seeing the eclipse but at the last moment, the clouds parted just enough for the phenomenon to be partially visible.

In Argentine Patagonia, several families and foreigners had set up camp between the towns of Villa El Chocon and Piedra del Aguila, in hopes to see the eclipse.

While there was no rain, strong winds had threatened to impact the visibility of the second total eclipse for Chile in the last 18 months.

This one struck at 1:00 pm (1600 GMT) as thousands of tourists and residents gathered hoping the clouds would disappear in time.

Despite restrictions on movement imposed by authorities to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, almost 300,000 tourists arrived in the Araucania region, south of the Santiago capital.


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Location: South America