Heart-stopping moment boy runs out in front of car as driver slams brakes

This is the heart-stopping moment a lucky boy had a narrow escape from a passing car after running across a road in Vietnam.

The youngster looked to his left and waited for motorcycles to pass before excitedly dashing across the narrow lane.

However, he failed to look right to see the approaching black SUV as the driver with quick-reactions slammed his brakes and sounded the horn.

CCTV footage from a camera on the dirt track near the boy's home shows how he was just inches from being killed - with the car's bumper brushing against his trousers.

Fortunately, he managed to hop away to his left, before scampering away to play with friends in Thanh Hoa City on November 27.

Resident Than Van Tap said no one was aware of the incident until he reviewed the recordings of his security camera.

He said: "I did not hear from my neighbours anything about this. I only knew about it when I watched the videos. It's lucky the driver was alert and stopped as soon as he saw the child."

The boy ran away from the car which continued to drive after he left. No incident was reported to the authorities.


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