Austrian lady attempts to flee the scene of a car crash, crashes again.;pro=0

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On November 18, 2019, a 49-year-old girl from Linz drove her car in Linz from the A7 to the Prinz Eugen road at 7:45 am and crashed into oncoming traffic. Then she continued her journey on initially unknown roads.
At around 8:05 am she drove in St. Peter Strasse from the direction of "Chemische-Kreisverkehr" heading towards the city. At the intersection with the Fröbelstraße she drove on a persistent at the red light of a traffic light car. Even after this accident, the 49-year-old committed a driver's escape, but she lost the front license plate of her car. The driver of the damaged car could follow the 49-year-old briefly and contact her. Because he perceived a distinct smell of alcohol, he called the police. Meanwhile, she fled again.
The next traffic accident caused the driver about 20 minutes later from the Lower Donaulände coming at the driveway to the bridge Nibelungen. There she collided with a pickup truck, which also moved to the right on the bridge, or drove on to the side. She turned her car and wanted to leave the bridge again for the Lower Danube. The woman collided again with a car.
No one was injured in all four traffic accidents. The implementation of an alcohol test denied the 49-year-old.


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