The Externalization of The Hierarchy

Listen, for those who are aware of the changes that the world is going tro, this is nothing new under the SUN.

Just listen this analisys to me, very acurate...after listen this, it will becoming so obvious of what´s happening that you can even predict the
near times that are to caming Ahead

What´s happening around the world, with the Arab Springs, the Demonstrations in Greece,Portugal,Ukrain its well planeed a long time ago.
Have you ever questioned yourself, WHY is information,related with Governments and Elites corruption and theyr Sick moves is spreading so easily when the media that is responsable for spreading that info is their property? you actualy believe that they are giving you the rope to hang thenselfs?
If that´s happening...what is their goal with that...letting you know it their dirty secrets and moves?
So...have a litle food for your thoughts.

I´ll just post the first part....and if you like it...and you will, just follow the next ones.
Just take a look at...and no need to thanks me

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