Octopus and nudibranchs I shot while poking around tidepools

Went out tidepooling at Devereux (Coal Oil Point in California) during some of the super low winter tides and found a couple different octopus and sea slugs (Nudibranchs). They were more active at night so I brought a high powered dive light to catch them on video.

The first octopus was especially interesting. It was about the size of my shoe and tucked under a rock so I stuck my camera with a tripod down as close as I could get without scaring the bugger. I held it there as long as I could but eventually a wave from the rising tide came in and stirred up the water. I'd thought the octopus would get scared and disappear after the wave but I left my camera where it was and just watched the sand settle. It wasn't long before I saw a tentacle actually wrapped around the camera, exploring every button and joint of the tripod. It hung out for quite a while and eventually backed off to its hole. Another wave came in and I did the same trick but I decided to keep moving after that in order to find more and let the little guy get back to doing whatever he was doing.

Love seeing octopus fried and on a dinner plate but they are pretty cool in the wild as well.


By: MaverickDiving (36.00)

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