Freedom Riders - DHS Checkpoint Refusal, U.S. Border Patrol asks Citizenship to leave Arizona Town

Freedom Riders - DHS Checkpoint Refusal, U.S. Border Patrol asks Citizenship to leave Arizona Town, 24 May 2014, Ajo, AZ, Memorial Day Weekend

Robert: Okay, I'll, I'll uh, if they signal me to roll it down, I'll roll it down then.

Gloria: You behave.

Robert: But I'll, I'll wait. Seems like lately they've been asking the questions through the window anyway. What do you think?

Gloria: You rolled the window down.

Robert: Huh? No, I had it up. Then they asked the question and then I rolled it down. Remember?

Gloria: Oh no, here he comes again.

Sandy: Be good, Robert.

Robert: Huh? Yes Ma'am. Do doo do.

Agent Lucero: Good Afternoon, Sir. U.S. Border Patrol, would you state your Citizenship?

Gloria: Roll your window down.

Robert: Nope. Hold it.

Gloria: Roll your's down. That one.

Sandy: It's getting covered.

Gloria: Roll your's down. Roll that one.

Sandy: It won't go down. Haha.

Gloria: Stop.

Sandy: Uh oh, here comes the dog. Here comes the doggy.

Agent Lucero: You all good?

Sandy: It won't go down. Heh, heh.

Agent Lucero: Ma'am what's your citizenship?

Sandy: Heh heh heh. I can't hear him.

Agent Lucero: Can you state your...

Sandy: It won't go down. U.S. Citizen.

Agent Lucero: Can you state your citizenship please?

Gloria: Uhh.

Agent Lucero: Hello. U.S. Border Patrol. Can you state your citizenship, please?

Gloria: U.S.

Agent Lucero: U.S.? Also, sir?

Gloria: Mm hm.

Agent Lucero: Ma'am in the back?

Sandy: Yes.

Agent Lucero: U.S. Citizen?

Sandy: Yes.

Agent Lucero: Alright.

Gloria: Hhhh.

Robert: Hhh. You guys get to gamble. Don't I get to have some fun too?

Gloria: No.

Robert: No? Ha ha ha ha heh.

Sandy: Robert. You remember that dog. They put that dog out real fast. Heh heh. Those guys were jumping, man. Heh heh.

Robert: [singing in the shower] We don't ride for freedom. Freedom rides are free. We roll down our windows and declare our Citizenry.

Kitten: Meew.


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