Reply without problems.

Everyone knows that Russian trolls in the Ukrainian section on this website block people just because they have different opinions. It makes a lot of people can not comment on the topics or items where someone writes unimaginable nonsense. So, I decided to create this item in order to everyone can comment on topics in which they are blocked. How comment everything, it's easy :)

Being not logged, find an item or comment where you are blocked and cite it.
Later, being already logged, paste this quote to your comment under this item.
It would be good if comments would look as in this example.

Russian troll @ethicon wrote: blah, blah, blah. end of quote.
Your comment.

Name of Item where you cannot comment in quote.
Your comment.

Have a nice commenting, freedom of speech for all :-)
Russian trolls are not welcome in this item.



By: Milosz (1996.44)

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