P51D Mustangs collision accident Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show

This incident (occurred last weekend) is very reminiscent of the collision of an A-1 Skyraider & another P-51D a few years back at Duxford. The collision happens at the 10:50 mark. Was considering editing but would have lowered resolution and nice view of a B-17F & two C-47 loitering over the field during the rest of the video. Should add during WW2 more P-51 pilots were killed in training than in combat. While a highly agile combat fighter the P-51 is know to be very unforgiving at slow speeds. As for the caption of a B-17 for the video, the original is not mine so I could not change.


By: Greg Nester (1972.70)

Tags: P-51D, B-17F, C-47, collision, Duxford

Location: Duxford, United Kingdom (UK/GB)