Two aircraft of the aerobatic team of the Indian Air Force collided in the air

Two aircraft aerobatic team "Surya Kiran" ("Rays of the Sun"), the Indian Air Force crashed during a training flight, according to India Today. The moment of the fall was filmed by one of the observers.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of February 19 in the vicinity of the Elahanka airbase near Bangalore. According to preliminary data, two Hawk Mk-132 collided in the air during a rehearsal before performing at the main Indian aerospace exhibition Aero India 2019. The shots show how the planes revolving around their axis fall to the ground.

The pilots managed to eject, they did not suffer. Injuries, as reported by eyewitnesses, received a passerby, nothing is known about his condition.

For 22 years of existence, "Surya Kiran" is the fourth crash of the aerobatic team. During the first plane crash that occurred on March 18, 2006, both pilots were killed. By the end of 2007, another Sun Rays fighting vehicle collapsed, but the serviceman who managed it survived. And on January 21, 2009, two pilots of the Indian Air Force became victims of the crash.



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