Police Fatally Shoot Woman Armed with Rifle on Highway

Two Gurnee police officers were cleared in a May 23 confrontation on Route 41 that ended with the officers shooting a woman armed with a military-style rifle, according to a statement released by Lake County State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim.

Gurnee Police Department Sgt. Jon Ward and Officer Benjamin Bozer “believed that their lives, the lives of their fellow officers, and the lives of the citizens present in the area were in danger of imminent death or great bodily harm” during a standoff with 31-year-old Makell Meyerin of Antioch, Nerheim said in the statement.

Meyerin “ignored repeated requests from the police to remain calm and to drop her gun” and “multiple officers heard her ‘rack’ her gun in order to prepare it for firing” before she leveled the rifle toward the officers.

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By: Juggernaut (19894.80)

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Location: Gurnee, IL, USA