Tasks and Objectives of the Joint Information Center – Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria – in Baghdad

There are a lot of reports that Russia, Iran, Iraq and
Syria launched a joint information center in Baghdad. However, nobody
explains its real tasks and objectives. The SotuhFront: Analysis &
Intelligence team decided to remedy situation.

Officially, the center was set by Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria to
coordinate their operations against terrorists – primarily on Islamic
State militants.
In fact, the center will gather, process and analyze all current information about the situation in the Middle East.
You can’t coordinate operations against ISIS if you don’t control the
situation in the region’s battlespace and information space.
So, the joint information center’s tasks are:

1) Monitoring the politico-military situation in the Middle East. It’s
important because the sides (Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq) haven’t only
have information but they have to interpret it similarly. In other
cases, the successful coordination will be stertorous.
2) Planning and coordinating of the direct military actions in the Syria-Iraq battlespace.
It’s one of the main functions of the center. It means an appearance of
the joint command and control of the “alternative” anti-ISIS coalition.
Yes, it isn’t a joint headquarters. But it’s very important in any case
because it clarifies the balance of the powers in the Middle East. At
the moment, the US has complicated relationships with its main allies:
Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel. The US allies prefer to follow their
interests instead of official purpose of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition.

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