Russia prepares attack of the two sides?

According to the reports, takes the offensive in the direction of Mariupol. So-called separatists supported by the Russians are breaking through in the direction of Mariupol. Battles taking place now ~20 km from this city. Heavy fighting continues also in Debaltseve "cauldron". So Ukrainians are very busy. But recent news suggests that the Russians are going to attack the Ukrainians from two sides, from Crimea and from the side of Mariupol, where the attack has already begun, but capture the city will not be easy, and actually connect Crimea with the so-called "Novorossia". According to reports of ordinary people present in the Crimea mass of Russian equipment is on his way.

So look last hours before the entry into force of the truce. But it looks like the hypocritical Russians once again will not respect the signed agreement. Aleksandr Zacharczenko ( leader DRL) said that the rebels will respect the agreement in Minsk and will not shoot in the Donbas. But - attention - except Debalcewego region. Moscow earlier stated that she is not a side in the conflict, after subsequent agreement in Minsk. From therefore clearly indicates that the agreement in Minsk will remain only on paper.


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