Polish Ambulance Driver Runs Outta Luck

Got away with before. Investigators screened the recording from the monitoring at the level crossing in Puszczykowo (Wielkopolskie Province). They determine how exactly the tragic accident occurred, in which the paramedic and the doctor were killed. It is not known when they will interrogate an ambulance driver. The man's condition is heavy but stable. "The train hit the ambulance at full speed." A doctor and a paramedic died. An ambulance ... read more ┬╗Investigators explain why an ambulance was on a closed railway crossing in Puszczykowo. The train hit her. In the accident, two people died: a doctor and a paramedic. The ambulance driver was transported to the hospital in Puszczykowo. NEW >> An ambulance driver heard accusations of causing an accident with a fatal outcome and bringing direct danger of a disaster in land traffic. "We have pre-examined the recordings" On Thursday, the prosecutor's office opened an investigation into the accident. - Refers to causing an accident in traffic, as a result of which two people died, and bringing down the danger of a disaster in land traffic. The Penal Code provides for 6 months to 8 years in prison -



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