Video of a drunken man attacking a bank

The attack of a drunken citizen of Ukraine at a bank branch in Alushta turned into an open farce. The attacker could not only pick up anything, but also broke the airsoft gun, and the police were waiting for him at the exit, the Crimean Interior Ministry said. All the actions of the woe-raider shot surveillance cameras.

The man burst into the premises of the representative office of the Sevastopol Sea Bank in Alushta at around 16:30 on January 10. He flaunted with a plastic machine gun, dispersed the staff, knocked over all the chairs and managed to rummage through the documents when he remembered that he had come for the money. He achieved nothing with threats, and then the hijacker poked a muzzle at the ticket office glass, but even here he was disappointed - several spare parts flew off from the airsoft machine, and the glass did not even flicker.

Climbing around the office, the robber made another attempt to scare the employees, and again unsuccessful - his weapon was completely unsuitable for shooting. Throwing him to the floor, the miserable went to the door and a few minutes later was handcuffed.

For disobedience to law enforcement officers, the Ukrainian received 10 days of administrative arrest, but now he remains in custody - he faces up to five years in prison for hooliganism.



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Location: Alushta