Corona Virus Best Food Storage Plan

OK, so even the lead investment guys are now asking about the Corona virus food preps online and publically.


You don’t want to have to read 20,000 books on survival or have to watch 12 seasons of “Doomsday Preppers”.

You definitely don’t want to have to drink your own urine like Bear Grylls.

So I’ve got the perfect survival plan for YOU.

You don’t have to read shit just watch the vid.

Old Scatman Crothers knew what was up and he’s here to guide you in the proper choices for your food supply plan.

I know.

How does a guy wind up with the name of “Scatman”.

I like to think he KNEW his shit but let’s hope it wasn’t part of survival rations kit.

Jack Torrence axed old Scatman to death and as a direct result didn’t fare so well and froze his ass off in a human rat shrubbery maze.

Danny and Jack’s scary as shit looking and neurotic wife Wendy made it out OK so let’s follow their lead and listen to old Scatman.

Bottom line and my personal survival mantra: “When the Scatman talks, I listen.”

Watch the vid and don’t forget the 12 turkeys, 40 chickens, Post Toasties, Rice Crispies, Corn Pops, Frozen vegetables and ice cream.

“You want some ice cream, doc.”

P.S. Expect that someone you know will start to get a little of “the shine” to ‘em as the world moves into its next phase of fasting induced enlightenment. I mean mayhem, chaos and doom.

P.P.S. If you’re a reasonably intelligent and attractive female (by birth I mean, holy we need to qualify that shit now) I’m willing to share my two cans of Spaghetti Ohs and 4 cans of tuna with ya but ’ve got to bring your own beans and if start letting loose with the SBDs, it’s back out on the streets for , honey.


By: BobWhiteAtNight (7270.20)

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