I Chased A Hit & Run Driver, .... He Was Arrested

So, I was just out last night getting some food and as I was driving out of the parking lot I heard the crash. The guy in the black charger had hit an Audi A4, a motorcycle and I think he slightly hit the White Mercedes you see in the video. I pulled around to point my camera at the crashed cars and that's when the video starts.

@ 0:48 he nearly wipes out
@1:08 he hits the light pole
@ 1:29 there is a large puddle of water and his rear tire is flat and spinning
@ 1:40 he gets out and points at me and starts digging in his car, I kept my distance at this point.


By: Rocky1015 (210.20)

Tags: liveleakers, Hit and run, asshole

Location: Green Cove Springs, United States