Driverless car in bizarre highway crash

Bizarre incident in California as car abandoned on highway is left in gear and rolls head-on into oncoming traffic.

It is a driverless car crash but not one related to new technology.

In a bizarre incident on a US highway on September 1, a woman leaves her car in gear as she abandons it in the middle of a busy California highway.

Dash cam footage initially shows the vehicle being driven erratically before the brakes are slammed on and the woman driver jumps out.

The car then heads off on its own, initially with the driver's door open, crosses the median strip, narrowly misses some oncoming vehicles before sideswiping two others and coming to rest on the opposite side of the four-lane highway.

It could have been a lot worse and it will come as no surprise that the driver, Jasmine Lacey, 22, of San Bernardino, has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.