Man operating Galway council mower tears up grass field while cutting it on rainy day

A man mowing in Galway, Ireland made an absolute mess while cutting a grassy public field on a rainy day (October 14).

Video filmed by a local citizen on an estate called Cimin Mor on the Cappagh Road shows a man operating Galway City Council machinery and causing skid marks in the wet conditions.

The filmer told Newsflare: "During a particularly bad and rainy day, the council in their infinite wisdom decided that it would be a good idea to cut the grass in housing estates."

One local gardener tweeted in response to the video: "A handy video for teaching why grass should not be cut when the ground is soaked and its raining. Also useful for campaigning for better quality landscape management by councils. And risks (slides and possible overturning)."

Galway City Council are yet to respond to the tweets publicly.


By: NewsFlare (53145.00)

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