More Proof That Liberals Are Fucking Retarded

A Corner Brook Tim Hortons has come under fire for a new Western themed promotion for a steak sandwich.

John Michelin, originally from Sheshatshiu, had a beef with the new promotion when he saw pictures of it on social media this week.

Michelin said he noticed photos on Twitter of a display at a Corner Brook Tim Hortons that depicted a series of cowboys pointing their guns at a group of Indians.

He was upset and furious about the display, describing it as racist.

Speaking on CBC's Corner Brook Morning Show, Michelin said it is important to change the conversation and language around First Nations people.

"I'm trying to distinguish with people the differences in these things, and how not to use words, how to use different words that are less sensitive to people. Right off the bat when I saw this, I said 'I can't stand for that'," he said.

Display taken down

Michelin made a phone call to the Corner Brook location of the coffee shop that featured the display, and spoke to the manager who took it down soon after.

Michelin said that no clear explanation was given to him as to why the display was put up, but that the manager "profusely" apologised to him.

"I want people to know that this is unacceptable," he said.

"We're not cowboys and Indians running around anymore. History showed that that was a hard time for us, and we don't want any reminders of that."

Michelin was thankful that the display was taken down so quickly, but he wants the store's manager to issue a public apology on social media.

CBC News also spoke with Justin Boucher of Boutcher Holdings, the company that owns Tim Hortons locations in Corner Brook.

He said that he was not aware of the display, but that he would look further in to the issue.

Oh and fuck CBC.