333 Illuminati Model Utopia Theme Park for the New World Order (Messenger from God part 5)

Since it first started in 1969, the annual Three Rivers Festival has continued to grow over the years into a full fledge police state. Back in the 80's was frightening watching the Riot squads kick everyone out at midnite and chase everyone home who were having fun. Now there is no fun allowed in downtown and this is one of my updates as proof. The event began as a way to promote business and industry and emphasize Fort Wayne's historical heritage and slowly transformed from a thriving business zone to a NWO environmental land grab Illuminati Masonic Designed corporate fascist money grabbing theme park. This is my latest report on the last nite of knwon as the finally.
This guy I first saw last year and took a dozen pictures of him and none showed up. He was last year preaching the Doom and Destruction of God, from his bullhorn, like Alex Jones, of the coming punishment to the unbelievers with his bullhorn in front of the jail last year when he disappeared
and I think the secret police arrested him.

This year I found him agasin and he wouldn't step near the Illuminati Model Utopia Theme Park for the New World Order. He even was looking around like he had his escape route planned this time.
But needless to say I tried to film him again and the footage turned out really weird.

I love this guy he makes things not so boring behind enemy lines of the occupied territory of the NWO.

"nevernwo.blogspot.com/ "