The importance to being Japan

Speaky's geopolitical analysis:

Mamma mia, Italiaaa!

Japan is similar to italy, in fact despite being a world power, its population is decreasing, and this fact, as history teaches, is an attraction for other peoples. Being made up of islands, the strong point is therefore not to have enemies nearby, but at the same time, it must absolutely control the sea routes around it. It has another record, a sad record: it is the only nation in the world that has been bombed with two atomic bombs. Furthermore, being bordered by Korea, Russia, and in a certain sense also with China, the US obviously has an interest in Japan.

So what future will Japan have?

1) To try to dominate Asia;

2) to broaden his concept of Shinto, using it as a force and a reference.

3) to update the role of the emperor, to clarify it internally and externally, so as to return to compete with the outside world.

Mamma mia, Italia!


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