No more flying first class and limited servants for Pakistan government officials

Pakistan’s newly elected federal government has decided to do away with discretionary funds for the president, prime minister, federal ministers and members of parliament.

The government has also approved travel restrictions by withdrawing first-class air travel facilities from top government functionaries — including the president, premier, foreign minister, Senate chairman, National Assembly Speaker, chief justice and army chief.

The Cabinet also decided, in a meeting, that Prime Minister Imran Khan would not use the special plane designated for the nation’s leader on foreign tours.

In his first address to the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed austerity measures, the need to address corruption, economic, social, and environmental challenges to bring Pakistan back on track. The prime minister emphasised that there was a need to change our direction otherwise the country would head towards disaster. “We need to change our mindset and think about the children who are out of school.”

Prime Minister Khan’s over hour-long address focused on calling upon the people of Pakistan to help him overcome these challenges and turn Pakistan into a welfare state.

The prime minister began his address by thanking his supporters who stood beside him throughout the years. “I never considered this [politics] as a career or profession and wanted to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state,” Khan said.

The prime minister said it was his vision that there would be a day when no one would need to take Zakat in the country. “This can be accomplished if we move towards nation building. We will be the country which helps others. This is the Pakistan I want to see.”

Decreasing expenses
In his address, Mr Khan said the prime minister of Pakistan had 524 servants, 33 bulletproof cars, helicopters, aeroplanes while the PM House was on 11,000 Kanals. The country had massive governor houses and elected officials were living with all luxuries.

The newly sworn-in premier said that he will keep only two servants and two vehicles personally, while rest of the vehicles of the PM House will be auctioned.

“I will not live in the PM House but in residence of the military secretary. I will have two cars. I wanted to live in my own house but was told by agencies that my life was under threat which is why I am living here.”

The money from the auction of the vehicles will be spent on the country, said the PM.


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