Man risks life using makeshift harness to save drowning peacock from 30ft well in snake-infested southern Indian farm

A man risked his life to save a peacock from a farm well by going down with the help of makeshift harness in southern India.

The incident took place on October 21 in Thuraiyur town in Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu.

The video shows the rescuer tying a rope in the form of a harness and then gradually rappelling down the well.

As he tries to reach the downing bird, the rescuer spots a deadly snake swirling around. Momentarily frozen after spotting the venomous reptile, the man regains his composure and decided to continue his rescue mission.

After a little struggle, the man gets hold of the drowning peacock and signals his associates to pull him back up.

The video shows the man releasing the bird as soon as he comes out of the well.


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