American network CW will reboot Walker Texas Ranger

The first episodes summary script is out floating on the net. It reads as follows:

After waking from a fever dream about a gay burlesque show in West Hollywood, Liam awakes to find out one of his two lovers has run off with his deceased eskimo spirit lover. Liam heads to work and gets his first new case. His brother "Walker Texas Ranger" has been accused of being a Trump supporter and is facing life in prison without parole. Liam heads to lunch to plot out a strategy where he free his brother but make sure he gives him the fright of his life. After having a hot make out session with a young married father of three, Liam hits the jail to interview a witness. He sees an old flamer, who stills burns for Liam and tells him so. After they head to a janitors closet for quick man on man love making, Liam sees his brother and gives him a righteous lecture about how Trump is a con artist, mentally unstable, racist, homophobe, isla-ham-icphobe, climate denier who deserves to be banished from Earth and "Walker Texas Ranger is 20 times worse than Trump. After having the guards beat his brother and having 30 prisoners rape him, Liam releases "Walker Texas Ranger" and heads home. He meets the gardener near the po


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