Our Mother's blue eyes (skies)

Be forewarned...LL'er original content. My latest and last home-brewed skydiving musical-interlude for a while. For this submission I've gone back to music I grew up with, from one of my favourite groups. I used about half of a song which I consider to be their greatest achievement...I would've liked to use it all but that would also have been extremely difficult, and 24 minutes long. If you have a decent sound system hooked up, I suggest you crank up the volume. :) Oh, yeah...it's a 'Live' version...notice how the audience remains silent until the very last note is played...the way it was back then. (sighs)
Setting the scene: I've always had a deep reverence for this blue planet we inhabit, call it a love affair if you will, and cherish the many happy, awe inspiring moments ' Earth' has provided. I feel at home in all 'her' environments...earth, water and air. I may love family and friends more, but just as with them I am also reminded daily of the the beauty that surrounds us as we struggle through life. This video hopes to convey some of that...with a big helping hand from the wonderful artists whose creations also bring beauty to our lives. I realize the music may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if for some reason it leaves you unphased, you may need to consider that you're already dead. ;)
Once again, many thanks to all my LL friends, and all those who have encouraged, voted or commented on my dubious offerings. See ya at the end of jump season. Blue skies, all!


By: widerstand (981.34)

Tags: Liveleakers, Skydive, skydiving, parachute, Entertainment

Location: Aérodrome St-Jean-Chrysostôme, Québec, Canada