An aside: Some weeks ago, one of my reasons for beginning to post again was sloop's legitimate lamentation (well, he wasn't really lamenting anything, but you know what I mean) that almost no one was posting in Liveleakers anymore. Since then, myself and many other LLers (cool, eh?) have re-assumed their uploading activities on the Liveleakers tab. Sloop, I hope that the day finds you well and enjoying the accelerated social uploading activities of many persons. Cheers....

So, the title of this video is self-explanatory. I'm mulling over what to put into the next "CHRONICLE", and figured that I'd go ahead and post up an easy-to-put-together flying/music video, as a sub-chronicle, while I'm making up my mind on how to approach the next mashup of clips.

MUSIC (in order of placement):
1. WorldsAway
2. Sk8board
All songs used royalty-free under Creative Commons license from Jason Shaw


от: Cipher This (2471.80)

теги: Liveleakers, flying over London, Heathrow, triggerwarning dot tv, The Chronicles of the Meatspace Mincer Event, Meatspace Mincer, social commentary, free speech, hurr, durr

Местоположение : London, England