New South Wales woman's bizarre 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory

5G isn't just dangerous, it is also linked to coronavirus - according to some bizarre online conspiracy theories that have emerged in recent days.

In video captured on April 4, a New South Wales woman believes coronavirus is being spread through chemtrails in the sky, to the bemusement of onlookers.

Video filmed by Luke, who was with his partner at the time, shows them getting out of their car before the woman talks to them about the chemtrails in the sky and how they are filled with “barium, lithium and Prozac.”

When she is asked, “Is it best to stay inside then?” the woman replies, “No, what? Listen to the government? Oh, they trust us, don’t they! They’ve been doing it for years, I’m telling you this is serious and it all goes with your G5 [sic] towers. And you all like your G5 towers.”


By: NewsFlare (110664.00)

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