Russian help inbound to Italy

A fleet of Il-76 aircraft of the Russian
Aerospace Forces has been assembled at the Chkalovsky military airfield.

The aircraft have already started delivering help to the Italian air force base of Pratica di Mare (30 kilometers southwest of Rome, Italy).

The help consists of eight mobile brigades of military medics, special disinfection vehicles and other medical equipment. Moscow will also send 100 military specialists in virology and epidemics.

The move comes the day after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Russian president Putin spoke on the phone.

Italy has recorded near enough 60,000 cases and the Coronavirus death toll has exceeded 5,000. Worse, over 2,500 health workers have been impacted by the virus, representing just short of 10% of the active medical corps in Italy. The healthcare system in the Italian peninsula is on the verge of total collapse.

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