Mother and child jumped out of the bus without a driver and got under the wheels

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A video of the incident that took place on July 1 in Alma-Ata was published, when a woman and a child jumped out of the moving bus without a driver in a panic and fell under the wheels.

Initially, a bus carrying passengers, following the route No. 122, got into an accident - touched a hedgehog at a turn. The driver stopped and stepped out of the cab to figure out what had happened.

The man in a hurry forgot to put his car on the brake. The unruly bus started off, and some kind of nervous woman screamed for everyone to get out. The mother who panicked caught her son, jumped out of the cabin unsuccessfully, and got under the wheels with her child.

A second later, the driver who had jumped into the cabin stopped the bus, but it was too late. A woman and a child received serious injuries, the boy was particularly injured: he had several fractures, internal bleeding and bruises in the hospital, and a traumatic shock was diagnosed.

The passenger transportation center of Batu Travel LLP commented on the incident to the publication and said that the victims have now been sent home: "To this day, we fulfill all their requirements, mainly of a material nature."

Also at Batu Travel, they noted that the bus driver was not to blame for the initial accident, stressing that the driver who was sitting behind the wheel had escaped from the accident scene, and now he is wanted.


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Location: Kazakhstan