Surveillance Footage Of Thieves Stealing A Lottery Machine

Two thieves were caught on camera early Wednesday morning stealing a lottery kiosk from inside a grocery store in Davis.

The pair targeted the 24-hour Safeway on Cowell Boulevard, Davis police said.

In surveillance footage, the duo is seen around 3 a.m. posing as shoppers, going in and out of the store and wiggling the machine.

Eventually, the thieves come back into the store with gloves and a red dolly. In the video, the thieves are seen shaking the kiosk loose and pushing it down. They then cut the cord and wheel it out to their getaway vehicle, a Toyota pickup truck.

“Once they committed to it, they did it pretty quickly,” Lt. Paul Doroshov said.

Police said the burglars got away with less than $100 after prying the machine open and dumping it along Interstate 80, near Webster.

“I don’t know the point of the crime,” Doroshov said. “There wasn’t a whole lot of cash in it.”

Doroshov said investigators retrieved the kiosk and handed it over to lottery investigators.


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Location: 2600 5th St, Davis, CA 95618, USA