Family Says Wheelchair-Bound Daughter Fell after Being Left Unattended

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The family of a girl with disabilities has filed a claim after they say she and her wheelchair fell down some steps after being left unattended by her guardian.

"At first I was shocked that they actually left her like that, and then I just broke down in tears," the girl's mother, Veronica Villalobos, said.

Twelve-year-old Priscilla Villalobos is blind, nonverbal and has cerebral palsy and other conditions.

Surveillance video from Priscilla's school, Stella Brockman Elementary, shows her guardian stops wheeling her and goes inside for a moment. While Priscilla's guardian is inside, her chair begins to move and she falls onto her face.

Priscilla's father, Carlos, says he can't bring himself to watch the video.

"I know it's going to make me even more enraged," he said.

The incident happened in May, but since then the family has hired an attorney who has filed a claim for damages.

"She doesn’t have an ability to speak, but that’s really what this is about is having her voice heard and we feel like the facts and evidence including the video will show that," attorney Paul Hoybjerg said.

Hoybjerg says the claim, filed against the Manteca Unified School District and the San Joaquin County Board of Education, will help them find out who exactly is responsible for Priscilla's alleged neglect.


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