An eyewitness to the accident brought a shot-down child to the hospital

In Noyabrsk, a girl who recently received her rights knocked down a schoolboy at a pedestrian crossing. Three minutes later, the boy was already admitted to the emergency room: the injured child was taken in a private car by a nurse who happened to be nearby.

The incident occurred on Thursday morning, November 28 - a seven-year-old boy went to school, waited for a green traffic light to cross, and ran across the road directly under the wheels of a car that was driving on red.

From the blow, the student was thrown into the oncoming lane, where he fell under a cargo van. As eyewitnesses later noted, the boy pulled his pants into the wheel to free him, the driver had to hand back literally five centimeters.

Eyewitnesses who ran up raised a child, and a nurse, who was driving to work, who was nearby, took him to the emergency room in three minutes. On the way, the boy called his mother and wanted to go to school, afraid of an unfamiliar aunt, but the woman convinced her passenger that she would do nothing wrong to him.

According to the traffic police, the driving experience of a girl who shot down a boy is less than six months. The Yamal-Region newspaper reports that the child had no fractures, he was hospitalized with a concussion.



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