Police imposed "No Dating" Policy

Track Tracing to see who you interact with, your cell phone is your travel, work, dating, dining out, and being able to exist, internal passport. This passport is revocable at anytime. You can be set up for anything, and be tracked down wherever you are, and anything in your life can be interrupted, and you can be detained, or worse.

I know, I am a test case from 1995.

After the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, the Clintons perceived farmers, ranchers, independent media, conservatives, small business owners, the self-employed, gun owners, conservatives, "The Militia", the outspoken, and especially people like me, "Constitutional Extremists" who would most like not shut up if the US Constitution became null, and void, or if it was in danger of being memory holed.

Stafford Springs, Connecticut, was a test city. I was to be tracked by my cell phone, my internet use, and be prevented from voting, influencing other voters, from having an intact family, a home, a job, and police were paid federal tax dollars to harass and follow me around wherever I went. I stopped working as a contractor in Connecticut due to police harassment, my marriage broke up, my daughter is now permanently estranged from me, and poilce told me I wasn't allowed to date or go out in public after I was divorced, or I would end up dead, or in prison for the rest of my life ...

Yes, it was that ridiculous for me from after 9/11/2001. As a test subject where 100s of thousands of federal tax dollars spent harassing and following around, didn't go ballistic and fight back, it is now assumed since people like me did nothing, that you will as well.

The Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, is the weak link because her states' numbers don't justify a lock down at all. Mills is a communist collaborator, in my opinion, and should suffer whatever backlash that she deserves.

I was told back in 1995 that I wasn't allowed to vote, redress grievances to elected officials, to speak in public, contact reporters, to work contracting, own a home, to have sex with my wife, as Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Officer Frank Prochaska said he would put me on the International Police Union Enemies List and Judges, Prosecutors, and police would BBQ me wherever in the world I went to hide for the rest of my life if I didn't leave Connecticut and let him have a chance with my wife. I posted her picture on the Stark Raving Viking blog.

How is your "2 weeks only" shutdown working out for you? If you don't resist with civil disobedience, you will accept rolling shutdowns and no rights for the rest of your life. Silence signifies acceptance. Do you accept the overreach of the UN World Government? Answer the poll.

poll: Is there a UN World Government overreach with their response?

Can't vote, profit from Globalism/Citizen Abuse.


By: SvenVonErick (1779.32)

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Location: Stafford Springs, Connecticut