Shop manager in France pulls Israeli dates from Ramadan stall over Muslim’s protest

A manager at a local branch of a French supermarket chain was filmed last week removing Israeli dates from a store shelf after a Muslim customer shouted that they were offensive.

The dates were situated on a stall advertising food for the Muslim Ramadan month.

The incident took place in a branch of the Carrefour chain, in the suburb town of Chambourcy west of Paris.

In a video posted online by activists advocating the boycott of Israel, the customer can be heard shouting “These products are an insult to Muslims.”

“Israelis shoot Palestinians like rabbits,” he says. “I don’t want to fund Israeli killing or Israeli occupation.”

The manager can be heard saying that he does not wish to address the customer’s political statements.

Such kind of boycott activity is forbidden by French law.;


By: aydeo (17218.68)

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