Man dies when repairing his car after a sleeping tractor driver hits his vehicle

A terrible accident occurred in Bashkiria, where a tractor driver who was asleep at the wheel crumpled a few cars, dropping one of them on the man who was repairing the car. The surveillance camera recorded the moment of the accident.

The collision occurred at about 2 pm on June 26 in Belebei The footage shows how the tractor crosses the roadway and smashes the bucket into the Lada standing on the side, which the man lying on the ground repairs. The passenger car moved to the side from the impact and was crushed by the mechanic, the tractor driver who was drunk, disappeared from his seat.

On the state of the victim receives conflicting information, according to some information, the man died.


By: ThisIsButter (36381.10)

Tags: sleeping tractor driver kills man repairing car

Location: Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia