Shocking scene when car hits a group of motorcyclist in Brazil: 3 dead and 5 injured

A video recorded the moment when a car collided head-on with a group of motorcyclists, leaving three dead and five injured in Água Preta, in the Zona da Mata Sul of Pernambuco, this Sunday (August 23). The suspect is the councilor of the Brejo da Madre de Deus, in Agreste, Pedro Marconi de Souza Barros.

The group of motorcyclists is called Asphalt Squad, and it is made up of drivers from Recife and Maceió. They usually go out on caravan making tours of states in the region. That Sunday, 30 of them, were heading to Maragogi, in Alagoas, to participate in a solidarity action, when they were surprised by a car coming in the opposite direction.

The person who was recording the video is part of the group and showed the teammates traveling normally on the track, posing for the camera, when the accident occurred. "Heavenly Father, what was that, huh?" He says realizing the shock. Then the motorcyclists stop to help their friends and warn those who were already ahead of the accident.

Three of them died at the scene and another five were seriously injured. They were rescued by the Firefighters and the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) for the Barreiros and Palmares hospitals.

The councilor was transferred to the Palmares Police Station. He passed the breathalyzer test and the result was normal, that is, he had not drunk alcohol. To the police, he tells him that he had "a blackout."

According to the delegate on duty, Juliana Bernart, the driver was listened to and passed the exams. “What has been determined so far is that the driver was going at high speed practicing dangerous maneuvers. After a turn, he ran into this convoy of 30 motorcyclists ”, he explained.


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