Heartbreaking moment 40ft long whale was found trapped on ferry in Japan

This is the harrowing moment a 40ft long Bryde’s whale was trapped on the bulbous bow of a ship in Japan.

The ferry, named Taiheiyo, was carrying passengers when it arrived at the Sendai port in Miyagi on October 22 morning.

Reiji Hirotsu, the ferry manager, was informed of the dead whale so he sent a diver with a rope to remove it.

At first, they thought it was only small because a small portion of the whale could be seen from the bow.

However, the diver was stunned after seeing the full size of the marine animal underwater.

The manager said: “I was surprised when the diver came out of the water and told me how big it was. It was a giant.''

They called the port for help in removing the whale from their ship. They believe they had been carrying on the bulbous bow, the part of the vessel protruding below the bow, during their journey from Hokkaido.

The crew were unaware that the creature was caught in their ship, but they believe it was already dead when it became tangled there.

The whale was lifted by a crane and carried out of the port through a truck. It was taken to a university in Tokyo for research.


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