The car changed its owner during a street fight

Last Saturday evening, October 19, at the intersection of Leningradskaya and Oktyabrsky Avenue in Petrozavodsk, a road conflict occurred with an unexpected outcome.

An inadequate pedestrian, who, according to some reports, was intoxicated, attacked a taxi car at the crossing. The driver went out to deal with the offender, after which a fight began, in which several people took part in series.

After some time, when the taxi driver fought with the companion of a violent pedestrian, the latter seized the moment and stole a passenger car left unattended.

The victim appealed to law enforcement authorities with a statement about the theft of the vehicle.

According to local media , the car thief could not go far, because he damaged the wheels as a result of a collision with the curb. Having abandoned the prey, the rowdy ran away.

Police officers already understand the circumstances of the incident.


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Etiquetas: fight, brawl, road rage

Ubicación: Petrozavodsk