Army Sergeant Try To Fight Robbers

Ends up getting shot, bleeding heavily, he flees. Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to rob a bakery he was shot with three shots, left the scene alive and was sent to the emergency room Clóvis Sarinho. The bad guys managed to escape. Robbers were shouting, if there were a policeman on the scene "would die" Criminals begin to collect customers belongings and cashiers - they even checked on a customer if he was armed. The sergeant takes advantage of a moment when the bandit is on his back, distracted, and reacts. He and the robber got into a fight and the bad guy manages to shoot him. The other bandit, who was collecting the money from the cashier, runs over and also shoots the sergeant, who falls down, without reaction. The criminals begin to flee, but then one of them returns and fires one more shot at the sergeant. After a few seconds, the victim can still get up. The sergeant was hit with three shots, according to the PM: two in the thigh and one in the face. The bad guys managed to flee shortly after the action, carrying some of their belongings, cash from the bakery cashier and the sergeant's gun.


By: 2415elcapitan (12301.40)

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