In China, burned 58-storey skyscraper

In Nanking yesterday, May 24, at about nine o'clock in the evening, the 210-meter skyscraper caught fire: according to preliminary data, the fire started inside the building and then spread to the outer part of the building, lined with flammable materials.

Firefighters suggest that the fire began due to faulty wiring in the hotel "Golden Eagle", located on the ninth floor, after which the flame spread to the outside.

The Chinanews publication reported that a fire of more than 300 square meters was localized by 11 pm, and had been completely extinguished by midnight. Several floors and the lining of the skyscraper were completely burned.

It is reported that there were no victims as a result of the incident, but several people, including children and adolescents, received burns and were taken to hospital.

This morning, the head of the Golden Eagle hotel chain, Wang Heng, apologized to the residents of Nanjing and promised to make every effort to eliminate the consequences of the fire.


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