Chinese woman sent to hospital after finishing bottle of liquor which she was not allowed to bring onto train

A woman was sent to hospital after finishing a bottle of Chinese liquor which was not allowed to bring onto the train at a railway station in southern China.

The CCTV video filmed in the city of Huaihua in Hunan Province on November 6, shows a woman standing next to the security checkpoint and managing to finish a bottle of Baijiu (500ml).

In another clip, the woman can be seen sitting on the floor before paramedics guided her to an ambulance.

Since the police stopped the woman from bringing Baijiu onto the train when she went through the security check. She did not want to throw it away and drank it all.

However, she got too drunk to move after finishing the 500ml Baijiu and was sent to hospital by an ambulance.

She was sober and made a full recovery after being treated in hospital, reports said.


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