Taxi driver loses his cool with disabled women

*Go to 01:20 if your attention span is short*

"The driver of Regiontaxi, who chased a woman with a broken leg behind a walker clapping his hands, has provoked a wave of negative reactions throughout the country. A day later, the driver was dismissed with immediate effect.

The video shows how the driver chases the woman with her walker into the mall and refuses to help her on her way to the taxi. The driver is impatiently walking around the woman, who has difficulty walking and is hardly able to move forward. To make the woman hurry, he claps his hands loudly. He also tells bystanders that 'he has more to do' and that 'other drivers would have left long ago'.

Visitors to the mall reacted angrily to the taxi driver, but he wouldn't be discouraged by it and kept chasing the woman behind the walker. A cashier from supermarket Jumbo couldn't stand it anymore. She escorted the woman to the taxi. Bystanders saw the scene bewildered and called the man disturbed and his behavior inhumane."

Happened in the Netherlands on June 13, 2019


By: plakka (1594.30)

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