People burn the Quran in Norway - Police trying to stop them brutally

Several Norwegian protesters were laid in the ground when they demonstrated in Kristiansand this afternoon November 16, 2019. The chaos started when a man started burning the Quran.

The protesters came mostly from SIAN (Stop Islamizing of Norway). Prior to the demonstration, they had announced that they would set fire to the Quran. The police had told SIAN that they would not allow this. Around 500 counter-protesters had turned up

As the Qur'an was thrown in a trash can, another Sian member started burning the book. Then counter-protesters broke past the barricades and a full fight ensued. Sian members were carried away in police cars.

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By: jokermads1 (41.10)

Tags: quran, muslims, protester, Norway, religious criticism

Location: Kristiansand, Norway