Another "Karen" on the road

An angry woman dubbed a 'Karen' screamed the n-word and threw a glass bottle at a black woman jogging in New York City.
The New York Police Department is asking for help identifying the woman behind the abuse that unfolded on 53rd Place and Broadway in Queens on August 17.
The victim, a 37-year-old woman who lives in the Woodside neighborhood, was running in the area and passed the suspect, who was sipping from the glass bottle.
The suspect then repeatedly screamed 'Get out, get the f**k out and go back to Africa, "N"'
Police say the suspect is a light-skinned woman in her 40s and appears to have a foreign accent.
She is described as 5'5", has blue eyes, long blonde hair and was wearing a black tank top, white shorts, and dark sunglasses



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