Boy flees laundromat carrying little girl when Ridgecrest Earthquake hits

New video shows the moments a family inside a Ridgecrest laundromat frantically ran out of the door during Friday night's jolting earthquake.

A little boy inside is seen picking up a little girl and carrying her in his arms, seconds later parts of the ceiling collapsed.

The damage even took a toll on Highway 178. Parts of the roadway were repaired during Friday afternoon but were buckled again after the second quake.

As crews patched the cracks overnight, a 4.4 magnitude aftershock rattled the ground.

Things are starting to move up in Trona; the small town was left in the dark for nearly eight hours following the quake. Now power is restored, but residents are without running water.


By: ThisIsButter (43715.50)

Tags: Earthquake, boy, saves, girl, laundromat

Location: Ridgecrest, CA 93555, USA