Amazon driver victim of confinement, charges should be filed

Six weeks after a Lowell man allegedly held an Amazon delivery driver against her will in his driveway, criminal charges still haven't been filed.

An attorney for the delivery driver is publicly asking why, even though police investigating the matter have said criminal confinement charges are warranted.

Attorney and former Lake County sheriff, Roy Dominguez, is representing the female Amazon delivery driver, who police have said was confined from leaving a man's Lowell driveway June 12 because the man reportedly thought the delivery driver had been driving recklessly.

Dominguez, who submitted a letter this week demanding action in the case to Lake County prosecutors, said his client, Deja Murphy, of Merrillville, is black, about 110 pounds, while the male in the case is white and about double the victim's weight.

"It is inconceivable that a white male can confine a black female and nothing happens. In fact, it shouldn't happen to anyone regardless of color," Dominguez penned in a letter this week to the Lake County Prosecutor's Office.

Since the June 12 incident outside the alleged suspect's home in Lowell, Dominguez said his client has yet to see justice, and Dominguez blames the county sheriff's office over its handling of the case.

Dominguez said Murphy met with a Lake County Sheriff's detective about three weeks ago to provide a more thorough, recorded statement as part of the investigation into the matter, some of which was captured on police body camera when officers responded to the incident.

Dominguez said the alleged perpetrator declined to provide a statement and instead hired an attorney, William Enslen, who declined comment Thursday morning.

The sheriff's department had, at one time, presented case documents to the prosecutor's intake office, but no charges have been filed, officials confirmed. An investigation remains ongoing, and the sheriff's department is working with the prosecutor's office on the case, officials confirmed.


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