Boat carrying LPG tanks exploded in Indonesia after refueling

" 7 people were injured As a result of explosion on Vessel Kuala Buana II, carrying Liquid petroleum gas cylinders.

The incident occurred on October 26. The ill-fated ship was planned to transport groceries and LPG gas to the islands around Tembilahan. This was the first time a ship had exploded in 2019. The explosion immediately caused the wooden ship to sink.

Seven victims were taken to the District General Hospital Puri Husada Tembilahan to receive burn treatment. Captain John Smith suffered burns all over the body.

Indra said the incident happened after refueling, the captain started the engine. Suddenly there was a change in the sound of boat engines and an interval of a few moments later there was an explosion in the engine room section. One burning gasoline drum drifted to human settlements, the fire burned part of two houses."

Happened in Indonesia


By: plakka (2094.40)

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