Angry protester clings to official's SUV bonnet for 4km

An angry protester clung on to an SUV bonnet for four kilometres after an argument over toilets spilled over.

The incident occurred in Bareilly, India, on April 12.

Braj Lal, 34, had come with his fellow villagers to seek grants for toilets they had built, to which they were entitled under a government programme.

But Pankaj Kumar Gautam, a Block Development Officer (BDO), rejected their claim saying their toilets had deviated from the officially permitted design.

This led to an altercation and Lal jumped on to Gautam’s car when he tried to leave.

But the driver of the car refused to stop and drove away with Lal on the bonnet clinging on to the vehicle's windscreen wipers.

Gautam, who was in the front seat, recorded the entire ride. A part of the footage shows Lal pulling out his mobile phone and trying to call the police while still on the bonnet.

Lal got down after the car stopped at traffic and moved away threatening the officer that he will be held accountable.

Both Lal and Gautam have filed police complaints accusing each other of several crimes, ranging from attempt to murder to intimidation.


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