Innocent driver dies when the drugged up man crashes into them

The eyewitness registrar captured the moment of the fatal accident that occurred last Friday, July 19, on Bratislavskaya Street in Kiev.

The record shows how the Daewoo Nexia car, for no apparent reason, drove into the oncoming traffic lane, where it collided with a Hyundai i30.

The incident at the scene of the accident killed a man who ran Daewoo. Two more people who were in the cabin of Hyundai were injured and were hospitalized.

The strange behavior of the driver of the car who went to the "oncoming lane" indirectly explains the fact that several hours before the accident, an administrative protocol was drawn up against him for driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxication, or under the influence of drugs.

As reported by the media , a 33-year-old man, who showed clear signs of drug intoxication, refused to undergo an examination.

During the inspection of the scene of the incident, an opioid medication was found in the personal belongings of the victim, used as an anesthetic and often used in the treatment of drug addiction.



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Location: Kiev